Cruz Custom Tools

Cruz Custom Tools T-Handled Driver - Brass (Custom)

Solid Brass Force Multiplier

As Archimedes said, "give me a lever long enough and I'll move the world." Leveraging on this elegantly simple principle, the Cruz Custom Tools T-Handled Driver makes tinkering, tuning, and maintaining your gear easier than ever before. 

Custom designed and machined from solid brass, the T-Handled Driver comes with a removable T-handle to increase grip, purchase, and leverage to amplify the force of output. This means it'll be much easier to deal with any overly-tightened or stuck bolts and bits (or simply requiring much less effort for standard tasks). In addition, it comes with a beautifully burnished solid brass construction that will stand the test of time.

Internally, the T-Handled Driver rocks a hybrid ceramic R188 bearing for the smoothest and silkiest operation while the magnet ensures secure retention. Slim, compact, and robust, it's perfect for throwing into your gear bag, toolkit, desk drawer, or your pocket without looking out of place with your stylish EDC gear.

  • Custom machined from solid brass
  • Removable T-handle for extra leverage
  • Compatible with WiHa Hex Bits
  • Comes with Wiha bits T6-T10
  • Magnetic tip holds 1/4” hex bit
  • Slim, sleek, and highly pocketable
  • Dimensions: 4.11" (10.4cm)  x 0.7" (1.78cm)
  • Handle Dimensions: 4.6" (11.7cm) x 0.3" (.76cm)
  • Weight: 7.2oz / 204.1g
  • Made in USA

Backed by our 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee.

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