DE Custom Forge

DE Custom Forge FollowPry - Tumblewashed

Ready, set, pry

A reliable and do-it-all pry tool is a must-have for every carry. Capable of handling all sorts of tasks that your blade cannot (and should not be subject to), the solid titanium DE Custom Forge FollowPry is the ultimate EDC force multiplier.

Intentionally compact and multi-functional, the FollowPry is small enough to literally "follow" you everywhere in your pocket, while being big enough to comfortably pry, score, scrape, mark, and pierce with its uniquely beveled all-purpose pry edge. All while seamlessly integrating a 1/4” hex bit holder into its frame.

Custom-machined from your choice of solid titanium or bronze, in a plain tumblewashed finish or with additional milling (for extra grip) – the FollowPry is incredibly lightweight while still being plenty tough and durable. If you're looking for an everyday pry companion, the masterfully sleek DE Custom Forge FollowPry will be here to follow you through hell and high water. 

  • Custom machined from solid titanium or bronze
  • All-purpose pry edge, 1/4” bit holder
  • Unique multi-beveled pry edge
  • Lightweight, compact and functional
  • Dimensions: 3.543" (90mm) x 0.709" (18mm) x 0.016" (0.4mm)
  • 5mm lanyard hole

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