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Hoffman Blacksmithing Axe Bottle Opener - Bronze Alloy

Pocketable Keychain Axe

The Hoffman Blacksmithing Axe bottle opener is a miniature version of the exquisite custom axes handmade by Liam Hoffman out of North Carolina, USA. Renown in the industry for his outstanding skill and craftsmanship, Liam started blacksmithing at the age of 13 and is the youngest Forged in Fire winner in history.

Sharing the pedigree of its larger cousins, this Bronze Bottle Opener Keychain is made from a solid block of 954 aluminum and bronze alloy with a fully sculpted axe handle. It’s finished off with a gorgeous patinated finish that will only get better with time and use.

Aside from adding unbridled style and personality to your keychain carry, the Hoffman Blacksmithing Axe bottle opener can also be used as a pry-edge and screwdriver. So, if you’re looking to experience Liam’s unrivaled artistry without a long wait, treat yourself to the work of functional art that is the Hoffman Blacksmithing Axe Bottle Opener.

  • Made from 954 Bronze Alloy
  • Fully sculpted axe handle
  • Pry-edge, screwdriver, and bottle-opener
  • Dimensions: 3.12" (7.92 cm) x 1.56" (3.96 cm) x 0.24" (0.60 cm)
  • Weight: 44 grams
  • Includes key ring
  • Handmade in North Carolina, USA

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