Lautie Bee Top - Brass

Spin like a Lautie Bee

Float like a butterfly, spin like a bee. Designed and built by the mysterious maestro known only as Niko, the Lautie Bee Top is here to spin up a storm. 

Inspired by old-world blacksmiths with their raging furnace, hulking hammers, and steely anvils – the Lautie Bee Top features a unique hand-twisted aesthetic in brass.

The high-carbon silicon ceramic bead (which has a near-perfect circular arc accuracy of 0.001mm) ensures a flawlessly tranquil spin, while the meticulously hand-polished edges and surfaces reflect a picture of perfection. 

If you're looking to experience true kinetic artistry in its most sublime and compact form – it's time to give the Lautie Bee Top a well-deserved twirl.

  • Precision machined brass
  • Unique ring-spin design inspired by old-world blacksmiths
  • Compact, pocketable, and exquisite
  • High-carbon silicon ceramic bead
  • Incredibly smooth spinning action
  • Dimensions: 1.15" (2.921 cm)
  • Weight: 1.7 oz
  • Designed by Niko
  • Hand-finished to perfection

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