Lautie Molle - Skull

Holy Molle

Designed for use with the versatile Molle system (Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment) that's widely used by the military, the Lautie Molle gear clip adds personality and is a discreet way of personalizing your carry.

Machined from an array of materials ranging from lightweight acrylic to solid titanium and zirconium, the Lautie Metal Molle clip features a badass skull motif that serves as a poignant memento mori. In addition, you can choose from different inlays to further customize your style. 

From watch bands to molle straps, add a Lautie Molle gear clip and some personal flair to your everyday carry.

  • Clips on easily to watch bands, Molle straps, and more
  • Choice of acrylic, titanium, or zirconium
  • Choice of brass or cupronickel inlays
  • Dimensions: Diameter - 1.00" (2.54 cm), Body Height - 0.31" (0.78 cm)
  • Molle Clip Weight: 8 grams

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