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Pangea Designs Prylobite - G10

Multi-functional Friction Folder

An evolution of Pangea Design’s first product, the Prylobite is a multi-functional utility tool that combines the convenience of a suspension clip and bottle opener with a pocket knife – with a pry bar and hex bit driver thrown into the mix for good measure.

At its core, the highly capable  Prylobite is a friction folder with a flat ground S35VN blade steel that will take care of all everyday cutting tasks. The non-locking design also means that it’s less likely to flout any knife laws (but it’s always good to double-check). The handles are made from G10 fiberglass laminate handles for maximum lightweight performance.

The suspension clip lets your hang your keys off your belt loop, or when hung in your pocket, it prevents everything from bunching up at the bottom. The Prylobite also features an innovative attachment point that locks the blade closed when attached to a keychain, and prevents the blade from accidentally opening.

The bottle opener function is neatly integrated within the design, and the all-purpose pry is perfect for opening stubborn lids, marking material, scraping, or any rough tasks that you do not want to subject your blade to. Finally, the hexagonal hole can be used to get a grip on 1/4" nuts, or even some extra leverage on a hex driver bit.

Small, lightweight, and packed full of real-world functionality, the Pangea Design's Prylobite is the perfect addition to your everyday carry. If you’re looking for something that can do-it-all without breaking a sweat (or weighing you down), this little critter is made for you.

  • S35VN blade 
  • Non-locking friction folder
  • Lightweight G10 handles
  • Bottle opener with a pry bar
  • Hex bit driver and suspension clip
  • Ultra-compact and versatile
  • Dimensions: Length - 3.31" (8.40 cm) , Width - 0.87" (2.20 cm), Height - 0.31" (0.80 cm)
  • Weight - 0.85 oz (24 g)

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