Shire Post Mint

Shire Post Mint Fungible Token Decision Maker Coin

Metal Fungible Token

A different kind of fungible, the cleverly conceptualized Shire Post Mint Fungible Token Decision Maker Coin is here to help you grow more certain, as things get more and more ambiguous and and confusing.

Spawned to restore order and balance in a time when non fungible tokens are in excess, this Metal Fungible Token (MFT) decision maker is teeming with fungi of all shapes and sizes.

Custom coin design by Maggie Ivy, engraved by Woody Maringer features wormy underlords dictating the answers you seek, burrowing amongst the vast mycelium network in the cool dirt below.

On the side of this token with Worms of Approval, a cornucopia of edible fungi bursts outwards for the keen mycologists among you to identify and harvest. On the reverse, Worms of Foreboding gather in their tunnels and warn of a most unpleasant potluck of poison.

  • Struck from solid copper
  • Will develop a gorgeous patina
  • Inspired by fungi 
  • Custom coin design by Maggie Ivy
  • Engraved by Woody Maringer
  • Diameter: 1.47"
  • Weight: 20g
  • Made In USA

Backed by our 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee.

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