Tracy LaRock

Tracy LaRock Slipjoint - Black G10 (Custom)

The essential slipjoint

Note: These knives are entirely custom-made, so please expect slight variations between each knife.

The classic slipjoint, enshrined in popular culture by way of Mark Twain’s ‘Huckleberry Finn and Tom Sawyer, is the quintessential, hard-working American knife that was carried by ranchers and outlaws alike. 

Putting his own spin on things is custom knife maker, Tracy LaRock, with his gorgeous Tracy LaRock Slipjoint, which combines the classic lines and old-world charm with modern materials and updated styling.

A full-time soldier, currently with the Texas Army National Guard, Tracy grew up on a dairy farm and spent every spare moment hunting, trapping, and fishing. Suffice to say, Tracy knows his knives and tools. 

Leveraging on his lifelong obsession and experience, Tracy honed his craft alongside veteran knife makers like knife makers Luke Swenson, Jared Oser, and Enrique Pena among others – and the rest is history.

The exquisite Tracy LaRock Slipjoint draws inspiration from the time-proven classic jackknife. The versatile Wharncliffe, clip point of Lamb's Foot blade shape makes for an incredible slicer due to the meticulously hand-ground blade.

The clean and uncluttered teardrop handle allows for precise control and comfort when cutting, and the lightweight G10 scales are durable, strong, and improve grip and traction.

As with every Tracy LaRock creation, each blade is carefully considered and individually handcrafted to perfection right here in America.  It is finished off with mill relieved brass liners and pins for durability, and bronze washers for a silky-smooth deployment.

  • Half-stop slipjoint mechanism
  • Wharncliffe, clip point of Lamb's Foot blade
  • W2 Blade steel 
  • Lightweight G10 handles
  • Bronze washers
  • Individually handcrafted in the USA

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