VoxDesign Fat Sportster Snailor - Deal Fair (Custom)

Unapologetically Iconic

Note: Due to high demand, we are limiting each person to just one - thank you!

We didn't think we could love the Snailor more until we got our hands on the VoxDesign Fat Sportster Snailor. Compact, versatile, and unapologetically iconic, this little guy is everything you need and nothing you don’t.

At its core, the Fat Sportster Snailor is a multi-functional EDC tool that integrates a bottle-opener and an emergency impact tool into a compact and now iconic smiling snail design. The extra girth and thickness allow for enhanced grip, handling, and purchase, while the skeletonized body reduces the overall weight.

Custom-designed and machined from solid marine grade stainless steel, the VoxDesign Fat Sportster Snailor is finished off by the signature Vox maker's mark along with an anchor insignia. Highly sought after and made in small numbers, act fast before they rumble away.

  • Custom machined from solid marine grade stainless steel
  • Extra girth and heft for enhanced handling
  • Bottle-opener and impact tool
  • Dimensions: Length - 2.83" (7.18cm) x Width - 1.30" (3.30cm) x Height - 0.38" (0.96cm)
  • Weight: 58 grams
  • Designed and made in Denmark

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