January 15, 2020

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Viewing gear as an art form, Zach (@zachlikesknives) is enamored with the design, engineering, and execution that goes into the making of high-quality gear. And as a superfan of Casey Lynch (aren’t we all), Zach is now focused on owning and using Casey’s masterpieces. Read on to learn all about Zach's daily carry and which knives (and Lynch NW gear) he’s eyeing next. 

Featured Tools:

  • Knife: Spyderco Brouwer
    This great little knife has a Lynch Northwest deep carry pocket clip (an absolute essential for the Brouwer) that has been customized by Blades We Love. It also has a custom Natural/Jade G-10 scale made by Shepard Custom Creations. 

    The Brouwer was one of my most anticipated knives in 2019 and it lived up to all the hype for me. I enjoy the size of this knife, the S30V blade is nice and slicey, and the generous forward finger choil gives me lots of control when it comes to detailed cuts. It’s a beautifully simple and functional EDC knife.

  • Pen: Tactile Turn Bolt Action Pen
    It is the standard size (5.6”) pen in Titanium. It takes a Pilot G2 refill. I think that the fidget factor on this pen is off the charts! I have had many bolt action pens in my days and this one is easily the most satisfying. I love how this pen feels in hand and how it sits in my pocket. The grippy texture of the pen is also a key reason why I end up carrying this pen more than any other in my collection.

  • Prybar: Lynch Northwest All Access Pass V1.2 HD
    This special “Heavy Duty” version of the All-Access Pass is thicker than a standard V1.2. It is made of 6AL-4V titanium and is sporting a dark blue coated pocket clip. The blasted finish is wearing really nicely over time, giving it a stonewashed/weathered looking finish. This is a very special AAP to me because it was gifted to me by the man himself, Casey Lynch. He loves when his tools are put to good use, and this one certainly is!

  • Key Clip: Lynch Northwest Key Hanger
    For years I was looking for a key management solution. I tried many different products and none of them quite clicked with my needs. Then came along the LNW Key Hanger. This titanium deep-carry key management clip provides both ease of access and security all at the same time.

    It is really nice to have my keys in an out of the way place in my pocket that allows other items to co-exist with them without being scratched up. I also have a KeyBar MagNut on my keys for my work vehicle key. This has been really handy if anyone needs to borrow my van at work because I don’t have to go through the cumbersome and annoying process of taking the key off of a split-ring.

  • Lanyard/Bead: Atwood Rope Manufacturing + Lynch Northwest 
    This 3/32 lanyard has the tensile strength of 275lbs and a 4 strand core. It is adorned with a beautiful in-house anodized Lynch NW titanium bead. This lanyard/bead combo makes for easy pocket extraction and makes for a great way to swing my keys around when I am bored.

What's your story:

Hey! I’m Zach. I will be 30 years old this month and live in Chalfont, Pennsylvania. I work as an alternative school teacher. Essentially, if a student is struggling to succeed in the public schools they can get sent to our school for extra behavioral/emotional supports. My job is great!

I am married to my compassionate and supportive wife, Danielle. And we have two cats named Tess and Calcifer. I am infatuated with Lynch Northwest gear and love everything that Casey Lynch has ever produced.

My fascination with EDC first happened when I bought a cheap $6 knife from my Dad. He had an extra “Defender Xtreme” knife and I was super fascinated by the spring-assisted action (which is absolutely hilarious at this point in my EDC journey).

I started to look on Instagram to see what other types of knives were out there and I stumbled upon the EDC community. Before I knew it, I began buying knives and trying out different types of EDC gear. I started my own EDC Instagram page in 2016 and have been loving the community ever since.

I have grown to view gear like a true art form, and I find myself in awe of so many of the designs and engineering executions required to create some of my favorite items. It has been a blast to grown in my knowledge of knives and photography all at the same time.

The past few years I have really started to hone in my collection and am now focused primarily on Lynch Northwest gear. I have become obsessed with Casey Lynch’s work and think that he is an amazing artist, designer and all-around human being. Becoming friends with him is absolutely the highlight of my EDC community experience. He inspires me creatively and encourages me to be a more loving and caring individual. 

Other than flicking my knives while sitting on the couch, some of my hobbies include: watching YouTube, spending quality time with friends, fermenting my own kombucha, and preparing/preaching sermons at my church when I have the opportunity.

I am heavily involved with my church and I spend much of my free time doing life with my gospel community. We eat together, pray together, serve our community together and have fun together! It’s great to have people who are like family who are of the same heart and mind. I love those people and love to share the hope that I have in Jesus with others.

Favorite EDC Tool:

Out of all the items in my carry, the Lynch Northwest All Access Pass V1.2 HD is by far my favorite piece. I love it because it is incredibly versatile. As a teacher I don’t have the opportunity to carry a knife with me throughout the day – so having an AAP on me helps to take care of many of the tasks that I need during the knife-less workday.  

What's On Your Gear Radar:

I have some EDC gear that I am really excited about experiencing. First and foremost, I am psyched for Casey Lynch’s new knife clips that will be dropping soon.

He is coming out with clips for Chris Reeve Knives, wire clip knives and the Spyderco Military! These clips will greatly widen my interest in different knives because no knife is complete without an LNW clip.

Speaking of knives, I am hoping to try out the following blades: North Arm Skaha II, Quiet Carry Drift, TRM Neutron, Gareth Bull Shamwari (production version), and maybe even a Grimsmo Norseman (if I can work out the right trade deal).

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