July 14, 2021

Welcome to the Urban EDC Showcase! Each week, we feature one member of the EDC community and the gear they rely on every day. Want to be featured? Submit your gear photo.

From Richmond, Virginia, we talk to Taylor (@rvagearguy) who's a Senior Systems Engineer. Inspired by his dad, grandfather, and uncles who all carried knives – Taylor always had a knife in his pocket. Over time, his hobby evolved and expanded to include military knives or historically significant models. Read on for the full story and to learn all about Taylor's carefully curated and considered carry.

Featured tools:

  • Folding knife: Hinderer XM18
    This is a Rick Hinderer production model Gen 6 XM18 with a 3.5 inch blade. The blade steel is M390 and this particular model was an exclusive done for DLT Trading.

    I switched out the standard hardware for copper hardware because I love the look and the way the copper develops patina over time. It is made in the USA at Rick’s ranch and is about as solid of a modern folding knife as you can get. Perfect for heavier cutting tasks. I have owned and used various Hinderer knives for more than a decade and I have never been let down with their performance.

  • Slipjoint knife: Great Eastern Cutlery #47
    The #47 Viper made by Great Eastern Cutlery is a traditional, swayback, slipjoint. This one is done in Arizona Ironwood. The blade steel is 1095. I have a passion for traditional, slipjoint knives and always pair one with whichever modern folding knife I carry.

    They are perfect for basic smaller tasks during the day that do not require a larger, heavier knife. They are also quite a bit less threatening if pulled out in an office setting. My grandfather always had a slipjoint knife in his pocket when I was growing up, so there is quite a bit of tradition involved with these types of knives for me. I carry it in a leather pocket slip also made by GEC.

  • Watch: Marathon
    The watch is made by Marathon and the model is the GSAR which stands for Government Search and Rescue. It is a solid, 300-meter dive watch powered by a Swiss movement. The markers on the dial are tritium vials so they require no external light source to charge them.

    Marathon is contracted to build timepieces for Allied Forces, so the watches are rugged and capable of taking a beating. I have it paired with a heavy Zulu strap made by Maratac.

  • Flashlight: Olight i3T EOS
    The Olight i3T EOS is a small light powered by a single AAA battery. It has two modes, low and high which produce an output of either 5 or 180 lumens, respectively. This light takes up very little space and typically rides clipped to the inside of my left front pocket. It is more than enough light for what I require for most basic tasks during the day.

  • Pen: Tactile Turn
    A pen is something I use all day, every day. I love the Bolt Action pen made by Tactile Turn. It is machined out of titanium and the bolt is Titanium Damascus. It has a great feel, the bolt action is smooth, and the weight is perfect. It takes standard Pilot G2 refills which are easy to find.

  • Hank: Boss Steel Blades
    I always carry a hank. They can be used for so many things. Aside from the obvious, they are great for wiping down gear or cleaning sunglass lenses. The one in the photo was a gift from my good friend Joel with Boss Steel Blades and 9 times out of 10 is the one you will find in my back pocket.

  • Multitool: Leatherman Charge
    What can’t you use a multitool for? I occasionally work in data centers and wiring closets. A multitool is like having a toolbox in your pocket. Whether it be tightening screws, loosening bolts, or something else, a good multitool can be invaluable. This model includes 17 different tools. The frame is made of Titanium and the primary blade is S30V steel.

  • Wallet: Open Sea Co.
    Open Sea Co. (formerly Das Offene Meer Leather) is a company run by an active-duty sailor in the US Navy. The Gun Deck is a minimalist wallet crafted from a single piece of leather. I like to carry it in my front, right pocket. It rides well and does not consume too much space. This particular wallet, I have owned for at least five years, and it just gets better with age.

      My story:

      I am based in Richmond, Virginia. I was born here and lived here my entire life. I love living in Richmond, it is located almost perfectly between the coast and the mountains. The city is filled with history, great restaurants, museums, concert venues and lots more.

      I have worked in the tech sector for the last 23 years. Currently I am a Senior Systems Engineer for a local government institution. I specialize in Enterprise Infrastructure.

      Over the years I have I been responsible for engineering and implementing complex technical solutions for the financial, legal and most recently government industries. I enjoy working with technology and the environment is always changing so it never gets old.

      I have always loved pocket knives. Ever since I was just a kid, I always wanted to have one in my pocket. My Dad, Grandfather, and Uncles all carried them, so I wanted as well.

      That developed over the years into a significant hobby, and I collected as many as I could. From there, my interests evolved into other types of gear. I always liked being outside and going up to the mountains to camp.

      Thus, I got into different types of lights, tools, etc. Some people think it is crazy to carry so many different things with you each day, until they need to use something and do not have it. I am pretty much prepared for most things, most of the time.

      I love being outside. The Blue Ridge Mountains are my favorite place to be, and I get up there as often as time permits. I love to hike and camp. I also really enjoy going to see live music and spending time in the garden.

      Watches used to be a big hobby of mine, but I have more than enough now and am content to just enjoy the collection that I currently own. I also really enjoy collecting fixed blade knives, especially military knives or historically significant models.

      Favorite EDC tool:

      It would have to be my watch. My EDC gear rotation changes frequently except for my watch. It is the one piece of gear that gets worn and relied upon consistently from day to day.

      What's on my gear radar:

      I would really like to acquire a Randall Model 1 or Model 13 fixed blade. Every fixed blade enthusiast should own at least one Randall.

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