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Urban EDC Showcase

Showcase #61: Medical Device Sales Rep from Phoenix, Arizona

Welcome to the Urban EDC Showcase! Each week, we feature one member from the EDC community and the gear they rely on every day. Want to be featured? Submit your gear photo.

For this week’s EDC showcase, we sit down with Nick (@gonefishing81) from Phoenix, Arizona who works as a medical device sales rep. Nick is a dedicated father and a passionate home cook who enjoys his cooking equipment as much as his EDC gear. Read on for the full rig rundown of Nick’s exceptionally well-curated everyday carry!

Featured Tools:

  • Knife: Brad Southard Tarsus
    This is an excellent example of Brad Southard’s exquisite workmanship. 3” hand rubbed CTS-XHP steel, which is highly corrosion resistant, hidden over travel stop pin so that you can’t overextend the lock, riding on bearings for a butter smooth deployment. It’s the perfect EDC size for me. I had been coveting this knife for some time and it was in the hands of another collector. I will be forever grateful to that individual who parted ways with it for me. As a collector/enthusiast, there are special pieces of gear that you hunt for. This is certainly one of those pieces.

  • Light: Muyshondt Aeon MK III
    I’ve had tons of lights over the years in varying sizes, materials and cost. This by far is the most useful. Enrique does an amazing job thinking through not only his designs but also their intended functions. The emitter is a neutral Nichia 219, which puts out a great beam of light. The reverse clicky switch is very useful and easy to switch between brightness levels. Being made of titanium, it’s very lightweight and carries well in dress pants.
  • SAK: Rob Lessard Custom
    This is one of my favorite pieces of gear. Rob Lessard (SAK Modder) made it for me and it has all the tools I want, and none that I don’t. It features a blade, scissors, philips head, flat head/bottle opener/wire stripper, and a sewing awl. It’s made of titanium with a brass cross, liners and a stainless steel clip, which makes it very easy to carry. A bit of indulgence for a SAK!

  • Watch: Omega Speedmaster 9300
    I’ve been into watches since I was a kid and could tell the time. The Omega Speedmaster is an iconic piece and was a gift from my wife a few years ago. The 9300 movement is a marvel of modern watch making techniques and the larger case size gives it a modern update to the traditional Speedmaster Professional. I have a natural Horween shell cordovan strap on it that has a rich mahogany-brown patina. And it’s also very versatile because I can easily put the bracelet on it for dressier occasions. Taking into account the rich history behind it, I feel that the Speedmaster is the original tool watch. 

  • Notebook: Gfeller
    I keep this stocked with a Doane Paper notebook and a Backpocket Journal Tomoe River Edition from Cornrow bookbinding. I use the Doane notebook for daily to-do lists and the Backpocket Journal for impromptu journaling moments when I don’t have my larger journal. The Tomoe River paper is excellent for fountain pens and the Doane grid system is perfect for jotting down tasks. I modified the cover to accept the elastic string, which adds some functionality to it. The leather cover is aging beautifully. I love how natural leather develops a patina over time and I try to add it to my EDC as much as possible.

  • Pen: Maxmadco Bronze Pen
    I have 2 of these pens. My titanium one is sitting in the pocket of a TSA agent right about now! That was my primary daily carry pen. The bronze is a bit heavier but it will do until I decide to purchase another in titanium. This is the best bolt-action pen design out there. The bolt-action is smooth and crisp and that’s because it uses delrin (which has less friction) instead of metal as the bolt slider. The spring tension is also dialled in perfectly, which gives you a clean, positive feel when engaging the bolt mechanism.

  • Bandana: The Hill-Side
    I’ve a small collection of hanks/bandanas and this was not only my first, but also my favorite. The fabric and print are amazing. I’ve found carrying a larger bandana sized hank in my back pocket more useful than a smaller pocket square sized hank. As a father of 2 little girls, I’ve used it as a booger getter, napkin, cold wrap, and many other uses.


I’d say I’ve been into EDC my whole life before the term was ever around. I’ve always enjoyed gadgets, knives, watches and I’m happy that there are other gear nuts like me!

As with any hobby, the more you're in it, the more you refine your choices. All my gear could be replaced with something else, but the type of item will always remain a constant.

I’ve added items where I was in a situation and lacked a particular tool. For example, there were many times when I was out and an idea struck. That’s when I started carrying a notebook, and then researched the best notebooks out there - the paper type, build quality, layout etc. 

My EDC is based on what I like and what is functional. I try and purchase the best that I can afford. I also like to carry items that make me feel good when I pick them up. I would say my EDC style is "classy functional” if I had to coin a phrase. 

Finally, I'm a father of 2 little girls and I love spending as much time with them as I can. I also love to cook. I have a Big Green Egg and it’s one of my favorite pieces of cooking gear. We also just completed a major kitchen renovation and I’m enjoying our 48” fire breathing Bluestar gas range! 

Favorite EDC Tool:

If I had to pick, it would be the Southard Tarsus. This is a knife that I was chasing after for the longest time and the gentlemen who sold it to me was very gracious. Not only is the knife a pleasure to use, but also the story behind it makes it even more special and meaningful.

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