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Welcome to the Urban EDC Showcase! Each week, we feature one member of the EDC community and the gear they rely on every day. Want to be featured? Submit your gear photo.

We head to West Los Angeles to speak to Andy (@misters_gear) who is both a school teacher and an accomplished jazz musician. Andy’s fascination with EDC began with the humble Maxpedition Pocket Organizer. Read the full story to find out all about Andy’s EDC story and carry.

Featured Tools:

  • Knife: Tom Mayo
    I was fortunate enough to score this beautiful Medium Covert with the MOA pattern a couple years back. It has an all titanium frame, clip and screws along with the Stellite 6k blade. With its slim and lightweight profile, it absolutely disappears in the pocket and makes for the perfect EDC blade.
  • Flashlight: John Hanko
    Of all the custom lights I own, the Titanium Twisted Trident stands out. The fit and finish are impeccable and none of my other lights can produce a beam that compares to the warm and beautiful output of the Trident.

  • Watch: Omega Planet Ocean
    I had been wanting this watch for a while, and finally got around to picking one up. It lived up to all the expectations I had. The design and craftsmanship are everything one would expect from Omega. This will be a cherished timepiece for a lifetime.

  • Notebook: One Star Leather
    I always keep a Field Notes notebook in my left back pocket. I’ve been using the One Star Leather cover for almost a year now. The leather has taken on a nice dark patina from the denim I wear. The leather is not too thick, so as not to be too bulky in my pocket, while, at the same time, being highly durable. I foresee myself using it for years to come.

  • Pen: Maxmadco
    This stainless steel bolt-action is truly my “everyday carry”. I rarely carry another pen, and so this one is literally in my pocket every day. I lost one of these pens a while back and quickly replaced it with another. I like the weight and heft of the stainless steel version. I also prefer the lower profile of the bolt-action on this pen in comparison with some other bolt-action pens.

  • Utility Tool: Peter Atwood
    I’ve been a fan of Peter Atwood’s multi-tools for several years now. A few years back he made a few batches of the Roid Keyton. In my opinion, this was one of his finest productions. The heft of the piece along with the exquisite satin finish makes this one of my favorite pieces to carry.

  • Keychain: Custom
    One of my favorite parts of my carry is my keychain setup. I carry a Mike Santor “Damy Biner” which is a Damascus carabiner with 4 tritium vials; two on each side. This was a small run of 5 pieces that Mike did a few years back.

    Attached is a Berlin Ti-Works Glowworm V.2 in satinized Ti along with a Pete Gray Ti Lantern. I also have a Veleno Design Quantum DD with tritium inserts, which is still my favorite keychain light. Add to that an Andy Frankart “Lights Out” Steel Fame tag, a McGinnis Rigg keychain tool, and finally my house key, and I have a keychain setup that I’ve been very happy with for a while now. I love to see all the tritium glow when I see my keys in dim light!


    I am a school teacher and musician based in West Los Angeles, CA. I love to spend time with my beautiful wife, hang out and make music with friends and play an occasional round of golf. Much of my free time is spent playing jazz guitar, writing and recording music, serving at my church and doing photography.

    I got hooked by the EDC bug about 5 years ago. My step-son had purchased a Maxpedition Pocket Organizer and I was intrigued by the idea of carrying some essential tools with me at all times.

    So, while this obsession began as a very pragmatic endeavor, I soon became enamored with the plethora of EDC gear out there through various forums like USN and EDCForums, and became afflicted with the dreaded G.A.S “Gear Acquisition Syndrome”.

    I began collecting multi-tools, Victorinox Alox Knives, titanium flashlights, production and custom knives, pens, etc. This hobby also birthed a keen interest in photography and even garnered me some work doing product photography for TEC Accessories.

    Favorite EDC Tool:

    My favorite EDC piece listed would have to be my Mayo Medium Covert. I feel very honored to own such a special piece by one of the legends in the knife making community. Also, I was fortunate to have mine receive a “spa treatment” from Tom not long ago which brought it back to its full glory.

    Next On Your Gear Radar:

    I haven’t been buying too much EDC gear lately, but I’d still like to add a Michael Burch Custom to my collection at some point.


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    June 21, 2017

    Nice Andy.

    Also he has some great pics of his EDC gear on IG!

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