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Marketplace Guidelines


Our Marketplace is a community-driven curated secondhand platform to buy and sell your new or gently used high-end collectible EDC gear. Our goal is to provide a trusted, safe place with a hassle-free, transparent experience.

These guidelines provide both buyers and sellers with set expectations to ensure a smooth experience for everybody. If you have any questions, please reach out to us at!


1. Each item sold on our Marketplace is secondhand - they come from our community of like-minded EDC enthusiasts, not directly from the maker. 

2. We will do our best to represent the item and its condition through our product description and extensive photo gallery.

3. We guarantee that all Marketplace items sold are authentic and fully insured during shipping.

4. We offer free domestic returns as part of our 10-Day Return Policy on all Marketplace purchases. This shortened return period is to ensure that the sellers receive their funds quickly after a sale.

5. For international buyers, we are not responsible for any loss due to confiscated packages by customs in your country. Prior to purchasing, please do your own research on customs, prohibited items, restrictions and limited delivery locations via your shipping method.


1. This is a curated marketplace - please review our Seller's Guide and reach out to us before sending in your items.

2. All items sent to us must be in new or gently used (like new) condition, and should be cleaned prior to shipping. We will list the items in the same condition as when we receive them. 

3. When shipping your items to us, pack them carefully & fully insure all items in case the package is lost or stolen during transit. We're not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged items.

4. We don't offer appraisal services but we will work with you carefully on pricing. Periodically, we will reach out to you if we think a price adjustment is recommended. Rest assured, the listed price will not change unless agreed upon.

5. Your items will be stored securely in our climate controlled warehouse. You are protected for the full value (listed price) while your items are in our possession. However, we are not responsible for change in condition of your items during storage (rust, metal patina, etc.).

6. Your items will queue as part of our Gear Drop release schedule. It can take anywhere between 2-6 weeks before your item is up. If you sent in multiple items, they will likely be released separately.

7. Once you ship your items to us, you cannot list them anywhere else for sale.

8. You may decide to request to take back an unsold item at any time. Because it takes time and resources to prepare your listing, there is a flat $30 handling fee plus shipping if your request is within 3 months of your item being listed.

9. Once your items are sold, there is a 10-day return period for the buyer. After this period, you have the option of receiving 75% of the listed value in cash back, or a generous 85% of the listed value in store credit.

10. As for payout, if you request cash back, your payout will be initiated on the following Friday. You can request a check to be mailed out to your address, or be paid electronically via PayPal (you pay the fees). Please note that we cannot send funds via Friends & Family method. If you select store credit, someone will reach out to you with your new personal voucher immediately! Store credit never expires.