Combat Beads

Combat Beads Pen

Rugged, Robust and Refined

When the folks at Combat Beads comes out with a pen, you already know it's going to be unapologetically tough, robust, and ready to kick some ass. Living up to every expectation, these battle-hardened everyday writers are here to take the day by storm.

Designed to be small in the pocket yet full-sized in hand, the Combat Beads Pen measures in at only 4" closed. Which means it will slip right into your pocket or bag unnoticed. 

When it's time to jot down some notes, you simply post the cap on the rear and it extends to 6" for a full-sized grip, allowing for enhanced comfort, especially when it comes to longer writing sessions.

Individually machined to the highest standards from your choice of solid bronze, copper, blackened titanium, or tumbled titanium, the Combat Beads Pen is rugged, robust, and refined. If you want an everyday writer that is tough enough to handle everything you throw at it, this is your best candidate. 

Note: Pairs well with the Greg Stevens Design Pen Sleeve 

  • Tough, robust, and compact
  • Extends to full-sized when posted
  • Individually machined 
  • Dimensions: Compact length - 4.05" (10.30cm) x Full size - 6.06" (15.40cm)
  • Weight: Bronze - 56.69 grams, Copper - 59.53 grams, Blackened Titanium - 34.01 grams, Titanium - 28.34 grams
  • Includes an extra replacement Zebra F (0.7mm) ink cartridge
  • Made in Canada

Backed by our 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.

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