Tactile Turn

Tactile Turn Side Click Pen with Damascus Clip

Road to Damascus

The Side Click Pen is Tactile Turn coming fully into its own. Inspired by the Mitsubishi BOXY (which has an incredibly satisfying side click), the Tactile Turn Side Click Pen takes it a step further with its all-metal construction, upgraded design, and improved mechanism.  

Click pens are common but not all are created equal. While some are much better than others, what Will Hodges and the Tactile Turn team set out to do is to create the best click mechanism possible. And the only way to do that is to create their own.

Designed and built to last a lifetime – the proprietary side click mechanism and construction required a complex combination of lathing, milling, and wire EDM cutting to achieve. A true labor of love, it took over 30 iterations to perfect the Tactile Turn Side Click Pen, and the end result is the most-satisfying action and tactility (a true hallmark of a Tactile Turn creation).

Continuing this dedication of tactile sensations, the body tube features their signature milling for better grip along with a milled pocket clip featuring custom T8 Torx socket head screws for easy adjustment.

Available in Standard (5.8") and Short (5.3") configurations, there's a size to fit every need. You can also choose from classic titanium for the best strength-to-weight ratio, or solid copper for those who appreciate the quiet beauty of patina. Both options come finished with an exquisite Damascus pocket clip that draws the eye and tantalizes the senses.

As with every Tactile Turn creation, every part of the design is carefully considered to the nigh degree and matched with flawlessly exquisite machining. If you're looking for the most thoughtfully-designed, heirloom-quality click pen with the most satisfying action ever – it's time to make it click with the Tactile Turn Side Click Pen.

  • Best clicking action ever
  • Proprietary side click mechanism
  • Available in titanium or solid copper
  • Exquisite Damascus pocket clip
  • All-metal construction for durability
  • Milled clip with custom Torx screws
  • Available in Standard 5.8" (14.732 cm) and Short 5.3" (13.462 cm)
  • Ink included: Standard - Pilot G2, Short - Schmidt Easy Flow 9000
  • Full list of compatible refills
  • 100% made in Texas, USA

    Backed by our 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee.

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