Dapper Design

Dapper Design REKT Utility Knife - Carbon Fiber

Boxcutter extraordinaire

The Dapper Design REKT Utility Knife is definitely not your typical box cutter. A utility knife is one of the most essential tools to have in your EDC. From opening boxes to camping and fishing – you will always be glad to have one on you.

Designed as the perfect, do-it-all box cutter with a heavy-duty steel blade, carbon fiber handle, and a built-in keyring, so you can keep it attached to all the keys you use on a daily basis – the Dapper Design REKT Utility Knife gets the job done. 

Always debonair and deadly, the Dapper Design REKT Utility Knife is small enough to hang on your keychain unnoticed, yet functional enough to rise to any EDC cutting chores. If you're looking to streamline your keychain carry, the Dapper Design REKT Utility Knife is the perfect two-in-one solution.

  • Simple utilitarian design
  • Wharncliffe style blade
  • Heavy-duty 440C Steel
  • Lightweight carbon fiber handles
  • Length Closed: 70.63mm / 2.78"
  • Length Opened: 124.05mm / 4.88"
  • Handle Width Closed: 27.25mm / 1.07"
  • Handle Width Opened: 23.02mm / 0.91"
  • Handle Thickness: 11.62mm / 0.45"
  • Blade Thickness: 3.17mm / 0.124"
  • Weight: 2.3oz. / 66 grams

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