JW Knives

JW Knives Heavy Metal Bandicoot (Custom)

Heavy metal mayhem

The JW Knives Heavy Metal Bandicoot is here to dominate. It brings together the absolute pinnacle of modern materials and craftsmanship along with time-tested functionality to create a compelling pocket tool that does it all.

Precision machined from a thick slab of solid titanium, which allows for incredible strength and durability without any weight penalty, the JW Knives Heavy Metal Bandicoot is built to take a beating, and keep on prying.

Aesthetics aside, the JW Knives Heavy Metal Bandicoot boasts a built-in bottle opener, flat head driver and serves as a pry bar for scraping, marking, scoring and prying. It serves as the perfect companion to your pocket knife because it handles everything (but slicing) with irrepressible style and aplomb.

  • Fully hand ground and finished
  • Crafted from solid titanium
  • Features 1/4" and 7/16" hex cutouts
  • Bottle opener, prybar, flat head driver
  • Large finger hole, approximately 1" in diameter
  • Individually handcrafted in Canada

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