Koch Tools

Koch Tools Pry-of-Sorts - Titanium w/ Seigaiha (Exclusive)

Do-It-All Pocket Pal

The unconventionally named Koch Tools P.O.S. (Pry-of-Sorts) is a clever combination of 3 of the most used tools in a slim, sleek, and stylish package. Highly functional and unendingly versatile, it's the perfect complement to your everyday knife. 

Designed and by Justin Koch in Pennsylvania and made from solid titanium, the Koch Tools P.O.S. features a nifty bottle-opener, Philips screwdriver, and an all-purpose prybar rolled into a single compact 3" long package. This little tool can handle everything from quick fixes, opening stubborn lids, and popping open a cold one when the work is done.

Fresh off the laser, these titanium tools have a sweet seigaiha engraving. If you’re looking for a do-it-all pocket companion that's both functionally beautiful and visually stunning - the Koch Tools P.O.S. has got you sorted.  

  • Machined from solid titanium
  • Exclusive Urban EDC Supply Seigaiha Pattern
  • Compact and highly versatile
  • Bottle-opener, prybar, and screwdriver
  • Choice of tumbled or blackened finish
  • Dimensions: 3.10" (7.87cm) x 1.50" (3.81cm)
  • Weight: 1.27 oz (36g)
  • Made in Pennsylvania, USA

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