Lautie Shuffle 3.0 AKQ

Three of a kind

If you thought the original Lautie Shuffle was cool, the Shuffle 3.0 AAA takes everything to a whole new level. After two iterations, the team at Lautie made a breakthrough by using a three-layer card structure. You read that right –  three gloriously machined heavy-metal cards, shuffling almost magically upon one another. 

Designed as an EDC fidget toy, the Shuffle 3.0 AAA features an innovative three-layer card design allows you to experience stronger tactile feedback and more paragraph breaks when playing with Shuffle 3.0 AAA than its predecessors

The Shuffle 3.0 AAA also comes with a unique unlocked split design that allows you to adjust the number of cards according to your preferences. You can remove the middle card to make it a 2-layer card structure, or you can disassemble multiple Shuffle 3.0 AAA and combine them into a giant Shuffle. 

What's more, because the Shuffle 3.0 AAA uses a lock-free design and has no fixed screws. It is held together by several sets of powerful magnets, meaning you can disassemble and assemble it without any tools. The holes in the corners of the Shuffle 3.0 AAA can be threaded with a string, and you can wear it as a pendant or on your keychain carry. 

If you're looking to experience something truly unique and collectible, the Lautie Shuffle 3.0 AAA is exactly what you need. These don't come by often, so make sure to grab them before they are gone for good.

  • Limited edition design
  • New and improved version
  • Zirconium alloy construction
  • Three-layer card structure
  • Sliding/clicking/shuffling haptic fidget tool
  • Unique series of magnets and pivot points
  • Compact, pocketable, and exquisite
  • Weight: 3oz
  • Length: 1.22" x 1.57" x 0.51"
  • Designed by Niko
  • Finished to perfection

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