Lautie X Foxbat Pouch with Ultem Bead and Patches

Engineered for EDC

One pouch to hold them all. If you've tried finding a suitable pouch for your EDC, you'll quickly come to realize that normal pouches just do not cut it because they are designed for much bigger items and tools. And that's where the Lautie X Foxbat Pouch comes into play.

Engineered for everyday carry, the Lautie X Foxbat Pouch features specialized pouches and holders for your most used EDC tools – including smaller pockets for nano spinner, pry bars, and the like. 

Built to exacting standards, the Lautie X Foxbat Pouch is not only lightweight but incredibly durable and tough. What's more, each pouch comes with a gorgeous Ultem bead and 4 custom patches for you to customize your Lautie X Foxbat Pouch and truly make it your own.

  • Specially designed for EDC
  • Multiple pouches and holders for tools
  • Robust zippered design
  • Comes with an Ultem bead and 4 custom patches
  • Velcroed exterior for patches
  • Designed and made by Lautie
  • Dimensions: L(4.6") X W(3.1") X H(1.6")
  • Weight: 2.4oz

Backed by our 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee.

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