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Origin Handcrafted Goods Huckleberry

Your Everyday Huckleberry

Designed to be your huckleberry, the Origin Handcrafted Goods Huckleberry is a fresh take on the traditional Japanese utility knife. Combining the compactness of a folder with the robustness of a fixed blade, the Huckleberry is made to always be the right tool for the job.

Made from 1084 high carbon steel, which is highly prized for its toughness and edge retention, the Huckleberry boasts all the benefits of a fixed blade - extra strength, stability and enhanced control and handling - yet its size makes it easy to carry on a day to day basis. Add the bead for even more purchase and ease of removal from the sheath. 

Individually designed and crafted by knife maker Marc Liss on the Canadian prairies in Winnipeg, Manitoba, the Origin Handcrafted Goods Huckleberry is perfect for the everyday adventurer who seeks a slim, rugged and versatile blade to win the day with.

  • Custom made from 1084 high carbon steel
  • Includes leather sheath
  • Compact, rugged, and highly versatile
  • Flat ground asymmetrically for precision
  • Dimensions: Length - 2" (5.08cm) x Width - 0.66" (1.676cm) x Height - 0.19" (0.482cm) 
  • Overall lenght: 5.75" (14.6cm)
  • Weight: 10 grams 

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