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Pre-Owned: Tim Miklos Flashlight - Aluminum (Custom)

Miklos Magic

Condition: Excellent

When it comes to the world of custom flashlights, a few names come to mind. And right up there in the rarified upper echelon of elite custom builders is Tim Miklos. A wizard when it comes to shaping metal, Tim hits it out of the park with his iconic Tim Miklos Flashlight created in his signature style and design language.

Custom designed and manually made (no CNC used) from the strongest aluminum made, Kaiser "Tennalum," (which many purists prefer for its lightweight nature and heat conductivity), the Tim Miklos Flashlight runs on a single 18350 battery for a compact yet highly capable everyday flashlight. Small enough to fit comfortably in your pocket yet powerful enough to light up a barn, the Tim Miklos Flashlight does everything you demand and more. 

What truly sets Tim’s work apart is his peerless craftsmanship and maniacal attention to detail. From the exquisite, time-consuming, dragon scaled grip (which glimmers with the light) to the beautifully crenellated head which not only protects the glass but also lets light seep through when you place the flashlight face down – the Tim Miklos Pre-Owned Flashlight is a true work of functional art that exceeds all expectations.

This custom, one-of-a-kind aluminum LED torch features a Mule, or flood beam - meaning the flight is evenly dispersed and not focused. To top it all off, it boasts a superconductor bezel and a warm, 4000k XM-L2 led powered by the well-known H17f driver.

  • Completely handmade (no CNC)
  • Made from Kaiser "Tennalum" - strongest aluminum made
  • Hand-milled Dragon Skin Grip 
  • McClicky switch with black rubber boot
  • Mule or flood style light
  • H17F fully programmable driver
  • Warm 4000k XM-L2
  • Lightly etched superconductor bezel
  • Runs on 18350 battery
  • Dimensions: 3.57" Length x 1" Diameter
  • Weight: 3.8 oz w/ battery
  • Made in the USA

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