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Shire Post Mint Coffin Memento Mori

For whom the bell tolls

From time immemorial, we've always been gripped by death. As part of this fear and fascination comes the concept of memento mori (Latin for 'remember you have to die'), which serves as a reminder of the inevitability of death.

Drawing inspiration from this poignant impermanence comes the Shire Post Mint Coffin Memento Mori. Shaped like a coffin and featuring custom coin design by Michael Shantz and engraved by Woody Maringer, one side bears the bare remains of a skeleton, while the flip side is emblazoned with 'memento vivere', Latin from 'remember you have to live'. 

Struck from your choice of solid copper, blackened copper or silver – the Shire Post Mint Coffin Memento Mori is a timely reminder to make the most of our limited time. It's all about embracing this duality, of darkness and light, of death and living. Never forget to have fun while you're here, and remember that your best life can start today.

  • Remember you have to die (and live)
  • Custom coin design and artwork
  • Struck from copper, blackened copper or .999 fine silver
  • Dimensions: 2.02" x 1.04" (5.13cm x 2.64cm)
  • Weight: Copper: 26g, Silver: 16g
  • Coin design by Michael Shantz,
  • Engraved by Woody Maringer.
  • Made in the USA

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