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Shire Post Mint The Sun and Moon Worry Coin - Aztec Sun Stone Calendar and Moon

Worry free day and night

Light and dark, day and night – the Shire Post Mint The Sun and Moon Worry Coin features vintage Aztec Sun Stone design, Moon designed and engraved by Woody Maringer.

Engraved after the Aztec Sun Stone, a representation of the five eras of the sun from Aztec mythology. The reverse features our Moon's surface texture at a geographically (technically it's selenographically) correct 91,196,160:1 scale.

Minted from solid heavy brass, the The Sun and Moon Worry Coin feels just as good in hand, as in the pocket. The substantial brass coin blank is pre-tumbled before minting for a smooth edge and then given an antiqued finish.

Each Sun and Moon coin comes in its own wax-sealed packaging with facts about the art of the Sun Stone, a substantial artifact that gives us a better understanding of the historically significant Aztec peoples.

  • Inspired by the Aztec Sun Stone
  • Realistic Moon on reverse side at 91,196,160:1 scale
  • Minted from solid brass
  • Antiqued patina
  • Diameter: 1.52"
  • Weight: 26g
  • Designed and engraved by Woody Maringer

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