VoxDesigns Complete Keyring - Tiny Ping, Mini Snailor, & Copper Dog Tag (Custom)

VoxDesign Trifector

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If you're a fan of Jesper Voxnaes' work, you're going to love this. The custom VoxDesigns Complete Keyring is the exquisite trifecta of the Tiny Ping, Mini Snailor, and Copper Dog Tag. If one is none and two is one – then three is everything and then some. 

The Vox Tiny Ping is the smaller variant of the popular Vox Ping models. The Mini Snailor gives a nod to the iconic Vox favorite, while the solid copper Dog Tag adds the finishing touches of to this complete circle of cool.

Small, lightweight, and compact, the VoxDesigns Complete Keyring is the perfect addition to your keychain carry. And if you’re new to Jesper Voxnaes’s work, then this trifecta is the perfect way in to get a taste of his legendary designs and craftsmanship (but be warned, it's a slippery slope).

  • Tiny Ping, Mini Snailor, and Copper Dog Tag
  • Dimensions: 1.5inch x0.5inch x 0.9inch
  • Includes a stainless steel split ring for keychain carry
  • Ping and Snailor are stainless-steel
  • Weight: 34 grams
  • Made in Denmark

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