Zach Wood

ZWT Lil' Menace - Wood

Hard-hitting companion

Note: We are not responsible for any injury, accidents or property damage caused by this product. Please wear appropriate safety equipment and keep out of the reach of children.

The ZWT Lil' Menace is what dreams are made of. An upgraded version of our childhood slingshot, the ZWT Lil' Menace is a hard-hitting, precision-built instrument of compact destruction. Brace yourself.

Custom machined from the highest-quality Baltic Birch Ply with a lacquered finish for enhanced durability, the ZWT Lil' Menace is lightweight enough to carry around easily, and durable enough to take a beating. 

Engineered for maximum menace, the ZWT Lil' Menace comes with 20 steel shots and 20 clay shots and uses standard and readily available bands. If you're looking for the ultimate daily companion to add some fun and menace to your life – this is it.

  • Crafted from the highest-quality Baltic Birch Ply
  • Compact, lightweight, and strong
  • Tube bands included
  • Comes with 20 steel shots and 20 clay shots
  • Uses standard and readily available bands
  • Made in the USA

This EDC Slingshot is backed by our 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.

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