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Urban EDC Showcase

Showcase #33: Higher Education Teacher from Sweden

Welcome to the Urban EDC Showcase! Each week, we feature one member from our community and the gear they rely on everyday. Want to be featured? Submit your gear photo.

For this week's community feature, we have Larsson (@captainfacebeard) who is a higher education teacher from Sweden. Larsson values functionality and believes in having the right tools for the right job. Read on to find out how he carefully plans and organizes his daily carry!

Featured Tools:

Knife: Great Eastern Cutlery #83 Tascosa Lockback in Linen Micarta
Notebook: Field Notes Pocket Notebook (Sweet Tooth Edition)
Pen: Pilot Petit fountain pen (filled with Diamine Sunset ink)
Pencil: Field Notes
OPMT: JW Knives G5 Bandicoot
Flashlight: Olight i3S Brass EOS (AAA)


Larsson is a higher education teacher from Sweden who specializes in management of information technology. He enjoys running in the woods, leather crafting and spending time with his cats.

Larsson first got into EDC through his interest in rugged workwear and gear. He was fascinated by the concept of a daily carry which included useful tools as opposed to just carrying your wallet and keys. 

For the past 5 years, Larsson has experimented with different setups and methods of carrying. He started out by constantly adding gear to his keychain, which ended up being too heavy and hefty. Since then, he has downsized significantly and has refined his EDC to the absolute essentials.

As Larsson works in an office setting, he prefers a minimal and discreet "pocket only" carry. He also uses a leather pocket sheath and a Skinth pocket organizer to keep things in order. Larsson favours traditional knives with a slim profile because they are less-threatening, and he always carries a small AAA flashlight and writing materials.

Additionally, he likes to carry a small pry bar on him as they're useful in all sorts of unexpected situations. Larsson also tells us that he always tries to avoid anything that is too "tactical" because of the stricter Swedish knife laws.

Favorite EDC Tool:

Larsson's favorite tool is his ever present Field Notes notebook. He tells us that he has carried one on him every single day since he was introduced to the brand a few years back. He never leaves home without his Field Notes because of how useful they are, and he brings them everywhere he goes. 

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