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Welcome to the Urban EDC Showcase! Each week, we feature one member of the EDC community and the gear they rely on every day. Want to be featured? Submit your gear photo.

This week, we talk to Aaron (@rmkartisan) who has a special affinity for knives. Aaron defines himself as an “Obsessor of the Functional Arts", and we cannot help but agree after learning all about his choice of gear along with the care and consideration that goes into every item. Read on for Aaron’s inspiring story on gear, quality and romance!

Featured Tools:

  • Fixed Blade: Tom Krein Mini Skinner
    I've been carrying EDC sized fixed blades lately, either with a folder or solo. When paired with a pocket leather sheath by Outrider Leather, this custom fixed blade makes for an awesome EDC.

    Tom is known throughout the industry for his keen edges and superlative fixed blades. The Mini Skinner truly feels like an extension of your hand and, oh boy, is it ever sharp! The D2 blade shape is reminiscent of the Bob Loveless Semi Skinner and has twin sets of thumb notches strategically placed on its spine. The set closer to the tip makes choking up a secure breeze! I haven't had any issues with this small fixed blade, and don't anticipate any either.
  • Folding Knife: Jens Ansø Monte Carlo
    I suppose the best way to describe this knife is a "non-traditional traditional" folder. By that I mean, it acts like your grandfather's slip joint, in that it's non-locking and has a half-stop. But that's where the similarities end.

    The Monte Carlo utilizes a ball-joint mechanism developed by Bob Terzuola (and used with permission). It has two mini "liners" on either side of the blade with detent balls that engage detent holes in the open, half-stop and closed positions. Enough of the technical stuff. This knife is awesome!

    Its size and utilitarian blade shape are more than capable for my everyday tasks. It’s comfortable to use and easy to open. This is the one knife that is always with me (either in my pocket or in my bag). It carries with minimal footprint with a milled titanium pocket clip, has a full titanium frame and backspacer with integrated lanyard hole.

    Jens Ansø is known for his high-quality craftsmanship and is one of the best knife and tool designers of our time. I believe the Monte Carlo is destined to be one of those iconic knives.

  • Flashlight: Lens Light Micro Delta Copper
    As with all my gear, I am attracted to obvious quality and the copper LL Micro is no exception. I've carried this one every day for a couple of years and despite a few dings, it hasn't let me down yet. As copper does, it has taken on a unique patina. Its performance to size ratio is perfect for my everyday life and the Delta wrap makes the twisty operation a breeze (plus it looks really cool!). It uses one AAA lithium battery and has an output of 40 lumens.
  • Watch: Tudor
    This is my Tudor Heritage Ranger (ref. 79910) on a stainless steel bracelet. I describe myself as an "Obsessor of the Functional Arts", and this absolutely includes watches.

    The Ranger is a Swiss Made automatic that exudes quality. Its aesthetics harken back to the original Tudor Ranger models, while the 41 mm stainless steel case and self-winding movement are most definitely modern. This timepiece is comfortable, durable and highly legible. Also, a brand's reputation and history are important to me, and Tudor, backed by their sister company, Rolex, passes these requirements with flying colors!

  • Wallet: Jens Ansø Matrix
    For years I carried a leather wallet that would eventually become overloaded and heavy. It got to the point that it caused me pain when driving. In comes the Matrix Titanium Wallet.

    As soon as I saw Jens post the first pictures on Instagram, I knew this was my answer. I was one of the lucky ones to get one of the first run made by Jens in Denmark (there were subsequent runs made by Halpern Titanium).

    It has been in my pocket every day since. It holds about 5 credit cards, with room for a couple folded bills, and utilizes a spring integrated into one side of the titanium frame. No more room for all those unnecessary papers and business cards. My butt thanks me every day!

  • Lighter: Zippo
    What can I say? It's a Zippo. What makes this one unique and worthy of being part of my EDC, is its story. It was a wedding gift from Derrick and Leonard of Steel Flame and hand signed by Derrick. The Compass Rose reminds me to stay on the path. I highly recommend carrying Steel Flame daily for inspiration!

  • Pen: Brian Fellhoelter TiBolt
    It's lightweight, durable and most definitely has that "cool" factor. One way I know when a piece of gear meets my standards is when I can carry it every day and not feel it until I need it and when I do need it, that it doesn't fail me.

    I'm happy to report that the TiBolt has been a reliable companion for a couple years now. It is made almost entirely of titanium and the bolt action appeals to my functional art/gadget side.


My name is Aaron and I hail from Oviedo, Florida. I've been employed by Randall Made Knives for over 10 years and can say that in June of 2006 I found my calling. It is a special feeling delivering knives to those who serve and put themselves in harm's way.

Knives have become an integral part of my life. I even met my wife because of knives, as she used to sell them at gun shows! I feel blessed every day that I have the opportunity to do something I love.

I've collected knives as a hobby for over 20 years. My first knife was a cheap survival knife my father gave me as a boy and my first decent folder was a Kershaw Blur. It was the book 'Tactical Knives' by Dietmar Pohl that both led me to seek out Randall knives, which was down the road from me, and inspired me to collect custom knives. It might be of interest that 3 years into my career at Randall I had the opportunity to meet Dietmar when he came to visit the shop (he even came back the next day just to sign my book!).

My tastes have evolved over time, as it happens to all of us. I collect more custom knives now and have expanded into quality gear. I've been fortunate enough to meet and befriend a few makers over the years (I've even had the pleasure of making Randalls for a couple of them!), which makes the knives I own by them all the more meaningful. One of my favorite things to do is go to Blade Show in Atlanta, where I can see and talk to makers in person and handle their knives.

It was my wife who, unknowingly, began my other obsession, watches. I knew nothing of fine timepieces before her. She suggested that all gentlemen should own at least one nice watch. I imagine she regrets this now! I also enjoy learning about the knife and watch industries, makers and brands. I have a decent library of books on both subjects. I'm also a huge fan of the James Bond movies. He has the best toys!

Favorite EDC Tool:

This is incredibly difficult for me, but, if pressed, I would say my Monte Carlo folder by Ansø. It's quality, classy, has an interesting design and can be carried almost anywhere. Plus, I got it direct from Jens, whom I've gotten to know a bit, so it has sentimental value as well.

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April 06, 2017

Thank you guys for the opportunity to share my love for great knives and gear with your customers!

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