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Urban EDC Showcase

Showcase #83: Field Engineer from Indiana, USA

Welcome to the Urban EDC Showcase! Each week, we feature one member of the EDC community and the gear they rely on every day. Want to be featured? Submit your gear photo.

From the great state of Indiana, we have Joe (@joe_bananas) here to tell us all about his EDC carry and philosophy. Joe is a field engineer for one of the top engineering consulting firms in the country, and he believes in a simple and intentional EDC that has no place for any unnecessary items. Read on for Joe’s full rig rundown! 

Featured Tools:

  • Knife 1: The Mini Typhoon by Brian Nadeau
    This custom knife is probably my favorite out of all I've ever owned. The knife is flawless in every way and is a perfect size, in my opinion, for EDC. With a 3.5" S90v blade, there is really nothing it can't do for anyone on a daily basis.
  • Knife 2: Victorinox Swiss Army Knives Alox Cadet
    This particular one is the 2015 Special Edition in Steel Blue. There's not much I can say about SAK's that people don't already know. But I rarely ever leave the house without one. I can't count how many times those small tools have bailed me out of a tough situation.

  • Key Organizer: KeyBar
    The KeyBar is such a great tool. I don't have to carry a lot of keys, but I love the fact that the ones I do have, are all nice and neat and nicely in place.

  • Phone: Apple iPhone 7 Plus
    This is a no brainer! That device is with me all day every day. It connects me with the communities I'm a part of via Instagram and other social media outlets. I would truly be lost without my iPhone.

  • Watch: Apple Watch Series 2 (42mm)
    I'm not a big fan of wearing watches or any other jewelry for that matter. But the Apple Watch is so comfortable that I really don't mind having it on my wrist all day long. Having it connected to my phone definitely has its perks as well.


My name is Joe, I was born and raised in the great state of Indiana and I'm a field engineer for one of the top engineering consulting firms in the country!

I tend to keep my EDC simple. I don't like to have a lot of unnecessary stuff on me, as it makes me feel weighed down. The items are changed daily, but it's always a simplistic carry.

I have three children so most of my free time is spent with them. But I really enjoy watching sports and attending sporting events If I can, firearms, knives and other EDC gear.

I first got into the EDC community about 5 or 6 years ago. At that time I was getting bored with the firearms community and stumbled upon the world of pocket knives. I'd always had some sort of knife on me since I was a kid, but never knew about custom knives or even real production knives.

Once I saw some of the stuff Spyderco was making, it was all over. I quickly became obsessed with knives in general, but especially with custom knives. Knowing there were guys out there making knives with their bare hands was such a cool concept to me. Even today I'm still impressed by it and love acquiring production and custom knives anytime I can. 

Favorite EDC Tool:

My favorite piece of gear above would have to be the Mini Typhoon. Once you get a knife in your hands that's made as well as those knives are, you definitely appreciate it. The fit and finish, the detent, the ergonomics, etc. All of it is flawlessly done. Every time I open that knife and use it, I get a smile on my face. It's just THAT good.

Next On Your Gear Radar:

Right now, the WE Knife Co. 705 series is on my radar. But Blade Show is less than a month away, so that could change completely once I'm literally surrounded by knives!

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  • Joe Banans:

    Thank you Janina! It’s been my nickname for far to long to change it now. Hahaha

    On May 11, 2017

  • Mike Fanoosh:

    Joe is a personal friend of mine. And this article is nice little blurb on an awesome knife knut! You could write a whole book on Joe.

    On May 11, 2017

  • Janina perez:

    Hey I work with Actual Bananas, you gotta change your clean gearing

    On May 10, 2017

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