January 27, 2021

Welcome to the Urban EDC Showcase! Each week, we feature a member of the EDC community and the gear they rely on every day. Want to be featured? Submit your gear photo.

From the land of Victorinox knives, Stephan (@spezialiced) has a thing for Old Cross Aloxs and carries two custom SAKs daily. In his free time, he stares down his opponents in poker and traipses through the beautiful Swiss mountains. Read on to learn all about Stephan’s tightly curated carry and find out what he’s hunting down next.

Featured Tools:

  • SAK 01: Brasswerx SAK
    This Brasswerx knife was my first SAK with titanium scales, and it's a real beauty. The maker, John Smith, is a true gentleman and his skills are amazing. This knife is a forever keeper for me, and I prefer to carry it if I'm in suit and tie as a gentlemen's carry. 

  • SAK 02: Self-modded
    I modded this knife myself with acid-etching tools, titanium rusty scales from @dailycustomshop, a nice Koi Steel Flame clip, and a @combatbeads bead. I like how Daily Customs Shop allows me new ways to mod my SAK and add a pocket clip with their scales.

  • Key Organizer: KeyBar
    I got this beauty back a few weeks ago after sending it to get modded by @mjl_bladeworx. It now matches my SAK perfectly. The KeyBar system works so well for me, even when I only have two keys in use. It's slim and fits perfectly in my pockets. It replaced my old key holder immediately. 

  • Utility Knife: Beaver Bladeworks
    I won this in a raffle by Beaver Bladeworks. It's a mod with inlay Philips screwdriver and mag, etched and stonewashed tools, anodized scales and brass liners. I like this tool combo a lot, and it's one of my most carried knives in my collection. 

  • Hank: FoxHanx
    This @FoxHanx hank was my first. I figured out that most of the hanks are too big for my small front pockets. I use them mostly to store my knives as seen on the picture. 

  • Pen: Legendär
    I've tried out several pens, but this one is my all time favorite. The pen feels great in my small hands, and I love writing with it. Since I like patina, the brass version was the perfect choice for me. I like how it changes and develops every time I use it.

  • Pry: BWPrybar 
    This is my second BWPrybar after I lost the first one – needless to say, it was an awful day. I made a post on IG about how I lost my BWPrybar and one guy offered to sell me one. I couldn't pass up the chance to get one back in my collection - just another reason why I love this community.

  • Flashlight: Frelux
    I've been trying to get into EDC flashlights with little success. This Frelux flashlight was exactly what I needed. It's a good size, puts out enough light, and most importantly it comes at a reasonable price. The light is perfectly manufactured, and I carry it every day in my workbook together with the pen and the prybar.

  • Lighter: Wasteland Oddities
    Since I was quite late to the game with my entry to the EDC community, most things I saw and wanted were already sold out! Same with this Zippo. The first time I saw it was on IG from @instafr4nk's feed. After a long hunt without success, I contacted Daniel directly after a hint from the maker. A few weeks later I got my Wasteland Oddities Zippo and still carry it daily.

  • Bottle Opener: BRNLY Cypop
    After seeing pictures of those Cypops for a long time, I took the chance to get one, and I never regretted it. I carry it daily in my right front pocket together with the Zippo, and it's also like a fidget toy for me. In some situations, it calms me down when I play with the beads on the lanyard.

  • Beads: Combat Beads
    These are only two of the several beads I own from Combat Beads. The combination between the Cypop and those beads is still a pleasure for me to stare at every day. Keith is such an amazing guy to work with. 

  • Coin: Carpe Diem EDC
    I love my coins and carry a Carpe Diem or a Carpe Noctem coin daily. I only switch the coin to the @lautieedc poker chip when I play poker with friends but otherwise only this Carpe Diem coin.


      My name is Stephan, and I am 46 and based in Switzerland, the land of Victorinox knives. I work in a small company as a sales rep for laboratory equipment. 

      My first contact with EDC was with a dagger I got from my father. Later, I got a Victorinox SAK for my time in the scouts. When I was studying to be an electrician, I carried one daily. I also got one during my military time in 1993. 

      As soon as I got onto Instagram, I saw the Brasswerx knife with titanium scales from @875fps. And after a long time, I asked John to get one, and the rest is history. A prybar and minis soon followed that. After this, I was following all the known manufacturers, and my collection grew. However, my main focus is on Victorinox old cross knives. My goal is to collect one piece from each available model. 

      In my free time, I play poker with friends, enjoy skiing and hiking in the beautiful Swiss mountains, and I try to mod my knives just for fun.

      Favorite EDC Tool:

      This is a difficult question, but based on the pocket time the winner is my Wasteland Oddities Zippo. Ever since I got it, I've carried it daily in my pocket. All the other stuff I carry depends on what I do throughout the day. I always have my light, pen, and pry in my workbook and a knife, lighter, and a coin in my pockets.

      What's On Your Gear Radar:

      Knife-related, I am still missing some older Victorinox models. For EDC-related, I would like to have an AFK Nano and a Scoopyloops Delrin bead would be awesome to find. But I am pretty sure that a Micro Farmer mod will be the next thing I want in my collection.

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