Pre-Owned: VoxDesign Vox Snailor - UNICEF Stainless Steel w/ Mosaic Pin, 1/1 (Custom)

Snailor For Good

Condition: Good - small surface scratches (carried), but never used as a bottle opener

What you’re seeing here is a true exclusive. A special limited edition of one, VoxDesign Vox Snailor UNICEF with a Mosaic Pin. The proceeds for this custom one-off creation from Jesper Voxnaes went directly to UNICEF in his ‘Auction For Kidz’ in 2016. This 1/1 masterpiece will never be made again, and now’s your 1/1 chance to own it.

Designed and individually handcrafted in Denmark, the Vox Snailor is a multi-functional EDC tool that integrates a bottle-opener and an emergency impact tool into a compact and now iconic smiling snail design.

This special edition UNICEF Snailor features an exquisite Mosaic Pin along with a solid stainless steel construction. It is the legendary Snailor that you know and love, except that no one else will ever own something similar, and you can finally say that your EDC purchase is not just for your own enjoyment, but also for the greater good.

  • 1/1 Special UNICEF Edition
  • Created to help UNICEF and for the 'Auction For Kidz'
  • One-off creation, never to be made again
  • Machined from stainless steel
  • Bottle-opener and impact tool
  • Comes with custom black Greg Stevens Design leather case
  • 0.9825" hole
  • 0.3865" thick
  • Dimensions: 2.83" (7.20 cm) x 1.57" (4 cm)
  • Weight - 1.41 oz (40 g)
  • Designed and made in Denmark

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