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Urban EDC Showcase

Showcase #71: Social Worker from The Netherlands

Welcome to the Urban EDC Showcase! Each week, we feature one member from the EDC community and the gear they rely on every day. Want to be featured? Submit your gear photo.

This week, we got in touch with Maarten (@nerdism_edc) from Bergen op Zoom, Netherlands. Maarten is a youth/social worker, and is a self-professed nerd who loves movies, games and music. Read on for the full details of his highly customized and carefully considered everyday carry!

Featured Tools:

  • Knife: Titanium "Bourmaud"
    The Titanium and Green G-10 “Bourmaud” is made by my good friend and knife maker Simen Stryckers. I use it for everything from food preparation (those quick and dirty desk lunches) to opening the occasional packaging and everything else that comes my way. I own two of his knives already and am eagerly waiting for the third, which will be a custom Wharncliffe or Sheepsfoot.
  • SAK: Victorinox Cadet
    This is a Victorinox “5 Colors” Limited Edition Blue Cadet. It’s the greatest (secondary) tool of all-time. I carried a Cadet long before I ever carried a large (locking) blade. It proved its usefulness as an everyday carry tool for me. I mostly use the screwdrivers for small chores, and even as a prybar sometimes. It is also the only knife that isn't frowned upon in the Netherlands.

    I have two Victorinox Cadets from the Limited Edition series from 2015. The Red and Blue. I used to own a White Pioneer as well, so it seemed fun at the time to get the three colors of the Dutch flag.
  • Flashlight: Mecarmy Illuminex 3X
    I was looking for a small and bright light that would be easy to carry but still bright enough light to be useful (and have some style to it). I work long days that start in the dark and end in the dark. I use it when I walk my dog, arrive home, etc.

    The light is slightly bigger than a good-sized bead, yet it packs 130 lumens and has a three-mode twisting head. I have the version in raw copper and a brass Darth Vader bead attached to it. Putting some dark side to a light seemed just right.

  • Pen: Custom Janpen
    This is a handmade brass copper bolt-action “Janpen”. Owners of this limited quantity pen jokingly call it that because they are made by a dutch fellow Knife-Nerd, Jan. I love the weight and quality feel of the pen. The bolt-action adds an extra "cool" factor too.

    I have it on me every single day for over a year now. My work is quite hectic and I use it to write down appointments and reminders to myself while on the move. I also like brass and copper. The patina gives it so much more character. It shows the use and its appreciation by me.

  • Leather Cover: Custom
    This leather Field Notes cover has compartments for my JanPen, Cadet and Mecarmy Illuminex 3X. It’s made by another fellow Dutch knife community member and friend. I wanted a sheath that would hold my basic EDC while still fitting in the inside pocket of my jacket. This works perfectly.

    I carry it every day. It doesn't hold cards or money. I have a Secrid Wallet for that. Another great Dutch product and one of the best wallets ever made. It is a small leather wallet with an aluminum container in it for cards. With a small lever on the bottom that allows you can slide out your cards for easy access.

  • Spinner: Munsen
    This Munsen spinner is used to combat my restless fingers when playing with my knife is frowned upon (this is Europe after all). I found out about the Munsen spinner through Instagram. I don't carry it everyday though. People do find it a strange sight but it did start some great discussions for its use for children with ADHD. It gives them an outlet for their "hyperactivity" and might help them focus better.

  • Lanyard Beads: Egor Gupalov
    These are handmade bronze Predator and Yoda Beads by Egor Gupalov (from Russia). It adds some “Nerdism” to my EDC. I am a great fan of Star Wars (and movies in general) and for that reason alone they are a good fit for my EDC. Also, most of my EDC items are quite small (and light). Adding a lanyard makes them easier to handle and harder to lose.


I am truly a nerd in every sense of the word. I have a deep love for movies, games and music. I own quite an extensive record collection and even built my own movie theatre in the basement of my house. Just putting on a great blues record, sitting down for a movie or picking up a controller for some senseless fun really relaxes me.

My first introduction to EDC is through my grandfather, who built, distributed and ran carnival rides and shooting galleries. I got my first (tin foil steel and crappy) knife from him and loved it! Knives started out as a fun toy, became a practical tool in the years after and a few years back those two aspects merged into one.

Favorite EDC Tool:

My favorite must be the “Bourmaud”, the knife made by Simen, an 20 year old Belgian knife maker. It is just an honor to own, carry and use such a great and well-made tool made by a good friend. It gives the knife that special connection.

Most of my EDC items have some meaning and sentimental value. That’s what makes the EDC (and Instagram) community so special for me. It’s all about the connection with the people who design and create the practical tools I use and carry everyday.

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  • Jerry Pruitt:

    Cary it all in one place and retrieve it from one place, nice setup I know its there when you need it. Clever!

    On Mar 25, 2017

  • Joe:

    Are the predator and Yoda charms available to order, I really like those, I’m a big movie nerd myself .

    On Mar 02, 2017

  • David :

    Nice to read more about you Bro. Cool gear as always ??

    On Feb 16, 2017

  • James:

    Love the knife and pen!! Wish I had such creative friends!!

    Thanks for sharing!!!

    On Feb 16, 2017

  • Michiel:

    Nice story!
    The leather sheath is made by me, @bike_knife and the spinner by @sjoerds_

    On Feb 16, 2017

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