August 02, 2017

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While shopping for a new multitool, David (@d_2_the_p) stumbled into the limitless world of EDC gear, and there was no turning back. Hailing from Washington, David works in the healthcare industry and he has a real eye for quality. Read on for a comprehensive rig rundown of David’s meticulously curated EDC.

Featured Tools:

  • Knife: Trevor Burger Custom Knives EXK Plus
    I've been a long-time fan of the work coming out of South Africa, and Trevor Burger's is consistently among the best.

    What originally turned me onto South African makers is their use of the front flipper (or lip opener) as the deployment mechanism. It can be flipped quickly or rolled open slowly, and the lack of thumb stud/hole/disk or flipper tab keeps the blade and profile nice and clean. Add that to the fact that a lot of these makers make smaller, highly functional blades - you've got a winning combination in my book.

    I've had half a dozen EXKs pass through my hands over the years, and I'm constantly impressed by the level of workmanship. This particular model, the EXK Plus, is intended to be a step up from the EXK Base model. Here you find natural micarta handle scales with black G10 bolsters over dual blue-anodized titanium liners with a floating sand blasted titanium back spacer.

    The RWL34 blade is ground razor thin and sports a hand-rubbed satin finish while riding on an IKBS pivot. The sculpted and sand blasted titanium pocket clip is by far the best sculpted clip I've ever had the pleasure of experiencing. The action is perfectly dialed in, and the fit and finish are immaculate.

  • Flashlight: Muyshondt Aeon Mk.III Copper
    The Aeon is flat out my perfect light. Ever since I picked up the original Mk.I years ago, I've been in love. Enrique Muyshondt really checked all the boxes for me - a small, easily pocketable light made of high-end materials engineered with a focus on achieving the longest possible run times rounded out with the highest quality emitters available.

    This version, the Mk.III is really a benchmark for EDC flashlights because it takes all of these great things that Enrique has been doing with the Aeon line and adds the benefit of a wonderful clicky interface.

    The UI here is ideal - Low, Medium, High with no hidden modes and no mode memory. Every time you turn it on, it's always on low. Speaking of the modes, the output spacing is fantastic. The low is low enough to not blow your night vision while still being useful, the medium is a nice step up, and the high has just enough to do pretty much anything you would need to do with a small pocket light.

    Then, as I said, it's all rounded out with a Nichia 219 emitter to provide you with the perfectly tinted high CRI light that allows for the most accurate color rendition.

  • SAK: Swiss Bianco Victorinox Cadet (Chocolate Brown)
    If you haven't noticed a pattern forming here, I'm into compact, high-quality gear. The Cadet is no exception. Pound-for-pound and dollar-to-dollar, the stock Victorinox Cadet is really hard to beat.

    The set of tools is, for the most part, pretty useful on a near daily basis, and they've managed to cram it all into a very slim. On top of that, the fit and finish that Victorinox achieves at this price point is out of this world.

    Then why the Swiss Bianco version, you ask? I needed it to match the rest of the gear. Duh. There is a Copper colored factory Victorinox Cadet that was released many moons ago, but they are rarer than unicorns and generally cost just as much. 

  • Watch: Victorinox Airboss Automatic Titanium (Limited Edition)
    When I started getting into watches a few years ago, this watch was always something I knew I must have at some point. First of all, I'm allergic to the nickel and stainless steel, so stainless watches are not a possibility in my world.

    Secondly, the Airboss is a classic design that I had always liked, so once I realized that a titanium version had been released at one point, I had to track one down. It's both beautiful and functional.

    I love the color combination of the dial - the grey of the blasted Ti, the contrast of the raised, luminous numbers, and the little touch of red around the center of the dial. These combined with a soft matte brown strap really come together to produce a subtle yet distinctive look. It's super light due to the Titanium build, and the blasted Ti looks great as it collects wear over time. There's a lot to like here.

  • Handkerchief: Alienated Supply Co. 
    I'm a sweaty dude with a shaved head. There is no hair under which my sweat can hide, so I carry a handkerchief to keep it under control.

    After I started carrying one year ago, I soon realized the general utility of having a napkin on me at all times. I am a particular fan of Alienated Supply Co's work for two main reasons. One is because the owner/maker focuses on reliable quality. All the materials are top notch, and they are put together to last.

    Secondly, and the more important of the two, the maker not only stitches around the periphery of the hank (like all other makers), but he goes diagonally both ways through the middle of it as well. You don't realize what a difference this makes until you're stuck with actually using a handkerchief that's only stitched around the edges. Without the center stitching, the two pieces of material separate from each other in the middle of the hank during use, and it becomes this weird unwieldy glob of material. Think of an empty bean bag. It's not pretty and gets annoying quickly. This extra step makes a world of difference. 


      My name is David Patenaude, and I live in Washington, DC and work as a Senior Information Security Analyst in the Healthcare industry.

      Outside of collecting cool stuff to carry around with me, I also seem to be accumulating a good bit of leather footwear (and have been on a big Red Wing Heritage kick lately). Other than that, I'm really into food and drink, live music from a wide array of obnoxious genres, reading terrible horror fiction, spending time outside in any way I can, and playing with my dog.

      I guess, technically, I first got into EDC in Boy Scouts. An organization that facilitated me camping and playing with knives and fire? DONE! Although I didn't carry a knife everywhere with me at that point in my life, it instilled in me the appreciation for keeping useful tools handy.

      Really, though, I got into EDC probably around 2010 or so. I can't remember why, but I was shopping around for a new multitool. I wanted something of real quality, so in my travels on the interwebs, I stumbled across all these weird gear forums and blogs. I had no idea that all this stuff even existed.

      After buying a Leatherman Charge TTi, I still kept reading, and it opened up my eyes to a world of possibilities. Knives that don't come from Walmart? Lights that illuminate more than a few feet of space in front of you? My key chain is its own platform for carrying? Whaaat?

      Soon enough, I had a 4sevens (now FOURSEVENS) Mini 123, a standard FRN Spyderco Dragonfly, and Leatherman Squirt S4 in my pockets and thought I was ready to take on the world. From there, the knives and lights started getting more and more expensive, and here we are. 

      Favorite EDC Tool:

      Of the stuff I mentioned above, if pressed into picking one, I'd have to say that the Victorinox Airboss is my favorite item. As obsessed as I am with the EXK & Aeon, the Airboss is without a doubt a permanent installment in my collection. In my meager collection of a handful of watches, it is definitely the most unique. It's something that is made to be used yet has a number of little details that really make it something special.

      Next On Your Gear Radar:

      When it comes to new gear on the radar, as far as knives go, I have an upcoming order with Clyde Challenor, another amazing South African maker. If you don't know his stuff, check it out.

      In the production world, the Fox Tur folder has piqued my interest and will probably happen at some point. Elmax with contoured CF? What's not to like?

      For a pen, I have a copper Tactile Turn Slider en route to go with all the stuff I mentioned above. For a light, I just jumped on Massdrop's ReyLight Copper Pineapple AAA drop which will come through in October. Finally, as far as watches go, I've been slowly circling the Mido Ocean Star Captain V Titanium Automatic since its release last year.

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